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About Us

Our Story

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The Restaurant

Kateh Restaurant offers a truly diverse dining experience. Persian food is unique in that it has taken cues from many of Iran’s neighboring regions, Many people are surprised and delighted to see ingredients and preparation methods similar to their home countries’ when they dine with us.

Rice, bread, and Kabobs and vegetables are Persian cuisine essentials. There are hundreds of ways to prepare these staples, especially given the broad variety of flavorful spices our chefs use in the Kateg kitchen.

Additionally, because Persian food varies by region, many dishes feature signature combinations of meat and seafood. Not to worry, though—there are plenty of options for vegetarians, as well as those who do not eat gluten or prefer Halal ingredients. 


Our Kitchen

Enjoy delicious Persian cuisine from the comfort of your home—it’s easy when you place a take-out order with Kateh. Whether you’re serving yourself or planning a business dinner, our chefs are more than happy to prepare delicious carry-out meals.


Call ahead to place your order after you’re done browsing our lunch and dinner menus.

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